Long-term rental

Long-term rental is a service which consists in lending a vehicle for use on agreed terms and for a settled consideration, with Fraikin paying all costs of vehicle maintenance (except for fuel and driver). Long-term rental is one monthly instalment for standard periods of 36, 48, 60 months.

Fraikin Group’s fleet includes: delivery vans, chassis for delivery vehicles as well as container, crate, isothermal and refrigerator trucks; special purpose vehicles: tipper lorries, crane lorries, hook lifts, garbage trucks, tank trucks, armoured bank vehicles; all types of tractor units and semi-trailers. Permissible maximum weight of vehicles is 3.5 to 4.4 tonnes.

Our fleet


Light vehicles



Delivery vehicles 3.5t - 26t

Tractors and trailers

Vehicles for transporting goods

Light vehicles


Open vehicles


Delivery vehicles 3.5t - 26t

Tractors and trailers

Vehicles with hydraulic system

Vehicles ≤ 3.5 tonnes

Hook trucks

Crane trucks

Container trucks

Special purpose vehicles


Garbage trucks


Customer sectors

Transport and logistics
Trade and services
Carrier services
Production and distribution
Special transport
Industrial production
Public services

360° service

Why rent a vehicle from Fraikin?

Delegating the management of vehicle fleet to Fraikin allows our Customers to save time and money and to be free of risk related to such a responsibility.

Operating Benefits

The vehicles managed by Fraikin are always maintained in perfect condition. Their availability is increasing, while technical failures are becoming less and less frequent. It help us provide our customers with high-quality, reliable services.

Ensuring the quality of services provided to customers

  • Simplified structure
  • Keeping the vehicles ready to go
  • Services and solutions close at hand
  • Investment safety
  • Fast arrangement of accident-related formalities and claims adjustment.

Financial Benefits

By taking over all tasks related to your fleet and providing up-to-date information on its status, our company gives your management staff more time for work on increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Precise cost estimates
  • Independent consultancy
  • Costs of transportation under control
  • Minimised administrative costs
  • Investment safety
  • Sense of lasting security
  • Vehicle operation monitoring

Balance Benefits

The services that we provide release your company’s resources – people, capital and time – enabling you to allocate them to other areas. It allows you to focus on your core business objects and create a more efficient corporate structure.

  • Preserving the capital intact
  • Increasing purchasing power
  • Focus on core business activity
  • Minimised risks
  • Investment safety
  • Swifter reactions to changes
  • Improvement of the general fleet productivity indicator

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